Fixing LG French Door Light Coming On Its Own

We bought a LG French Door “knock-on” fridge around 2017 (model #LMXS307xxx). The concept looked cool as fuck on the show floor. But over the following months, I grew to dislike the feature (but that’s a different story). And about a year after that, something absolutely annoying started to happen — The “knock-on” door light would come on all by itself whenever a certain sound frequency around the house is just right that would trigger the light sensor. So if someone talks too loud or maybe dish plates hitting the counter at a certain pitch, the fucking door light comes on. It drove me crazy.

So it turns out there’s a way to dampen the sensitivity of the sensor by simply layering a few pieces of common office tapes on the sensor responsible for detecting the “knock-on” vibrations. Here’s a service bulletin PDF file that LG issued to licensed service technicians on addressing the issue. Note that with some models, the location of the sensor could be slightly different. On my fridge, the location is on the lower right hand side of the door panel. The fix was easy, quick and effective. All is good again.