Speed Up Wake from Sleep Time on Mountain Lion

I bought a very beefy MacBook Air this summer. But I was frustrated with how slow the machine’s wake-from-sleep time was whenever it’s been in sleep mode for an extended period of time. For the longest time I just couldn’t figure it out. But as it turns out, it’s a new “feature” designed to make the batteries last longer.

Basically after certain number of hours, in order to save on energy, Mt. Lion saves most of the content in RAM to disk, thus making the wake up taking much much longer than desired. Here’s the blog I found with instructions to change that.

And here’s the instruction just in case. Open your Terminal via Applications > Utilities > Terminal.app, and issue the following command:

sudo pmset –a standbydelay 43200

43200 is seconds, which is 12 hours. I almost always never leave the laptop unused more than 12 hours, so I set mine to 86400, which is 24 hours. To find out what the current setting is, issue this command:

pmset -g

And there you have it!