Object Oriented CSS

Finally got a chance to finish Nicole Sullivan’s (of Yahoo fame) presentation on OOCSS. On the surface, it’s kind of obvious that’s where things should be moving. But it’s surprising that I haven’t seen more about it on various UI/UX development sites I follow. The Compass framework is one that uses OOCSS.

Can’t wait to start implementing this strategy.

Quick Way to Generate Sprites with Corresponding CSS

Discovered Spritemapper over the weekend. You simply point to it a css file and let it lose. Spritemapper does the rest. It combines all the images being used in the css into one big image sprite, writes out an updated css with all the corresponding coordinates to the images, and voilà…

Mac OSX Lion Upgrade

After painstakingly backing my 27″ iMac, I upgraded to Mac OSX Lion. Not a whole lot changed total UX wise. But I do like what I see except for Launchpad.

Speaking of changes, one thing that broke was the driver for my old black & white Samsung ML-1710. I ended up having to install Splix-2.0.0 which worked decently… Well, it prints — and that’s really all I care about.

So yay.