Another Inspirational Speech

A friend from college sent me a link to Professor Randy Pousch’s “Last Lecture” about play, work and life. Considering he’s literally dying of cancer (he was given 3 – 6 months to live in August, 2007), he seemed incredibly cheerful and upbeat about everything. It’s a great and very gravitating speech that just sucks you in. Even though I only got to see it online, his “full-of-life-ness” and positive energy are hard to ignore.

If you are short on time, skip all other parts of the video until you hit his speech. This is the 2nd best speech after Steve Jobs’ at Stanford. Love it!

Some similarities:
1. Both men had pancreatic cancer; though Steve Jobs survived his, Randy Pausch’s is terminal;
2. Both men delivered basically exactly the same messages — they both believe in Karma, paybacks, something greater than self; follow your heart in doing what you do;
3. Both men used stories from their lives to make outstanding points about life and everything else that matters;

Some differences:
1. Steve Jobs is a lot more serious and “corporate; Randy Pausch is the exact opposite;
2. Academic v.s. Corporate America;
3. Steve Jobs’ speech was short and sweet; he gets to the point and basically delivered what Randy Pausch did in 15 minutes; but Randy’s speech was just as unforgettable but it takes a lot to go back and dig out the “good stuff” buried in all those jokes and stuff;
4. Steve Jobs’ speech could’ve affected the stock market if he hadn’t made it clear that he was cured from his cancer!