Crazy Ex-Neighbor

Our next door neighbor finally moved out last weekend after our landlord evicted her. But just right after the earthquake hit, our crazy ex-neighbor mysteriously showed up at the front yard and started swearing at Grace and our other neighbor. After what she has put us through, she’s now crazy enough to come back and tell us that it was God who was now punishing us… Hah hah… But she got pissed when our neighbor replied that maybe God was trying to get her instead.

All this God nonsense amuses me.

Grace took out a camera to fake taking a shot of her car. She floored the pedal and fled the scene. But no matter, Grace got a hold of her license plate and called the cops on her again for another incident of harassment. Generally I hate drama like this. But this is getting to a point where it is actually funny.

What a day.

UPDATE: The cops came and spotted her car parked down the street. So now they are circling the neighborhood looking for a chubby silver haired lady hiding somewhere in the bushes. Cue the music [Cops theme song] “Bad boys, bad boys. What you gonna do. What you gonna do when they come for you… ”

UPDATE 2: It appears that the neighbors across the street helped hide the crazy ex-neighbor when the cops were around. I wonder if that qualifies as assistance in helping to hide a suspected criminal. Hmm… And just like the crazy ex-neighbor, they were shouting racial slurs. Maybe we should be moving out of this place. It’s hard to imagine that in California people still have such outspoken views in Hitler talk.