What Stinks Around Here?

I had to install Bryan’s car seat back to our loaner car after coming back from Los Gatos in Jason’s car on Saturday. But as I was installing it at around 1AM, a terrible smell of burning electric wires rushed through my nose… I stopped for a moment and looked for the source of the smell; nothing.

After I secured Bryan’s car seat, I continued walking around the backyard looking for the source of the foul smell — a strong and unique mixture of burning electric wires, badly burned onions and rotten eggs. Not able to pinpoint the source of the odor, I went back to the apartment and told Grace about it. But then the odor was RIGHT INSIDE the house! Then we both panicked and started sniffing carefully for the source.

Five minutes later (small apartment), we decided nothing was burning inside the house. So I took the flashlight and started sniffing for it outside. Still nothing. Curious and baffled, I questioned if we should call 911 and get the professionals to weigh in on this.

Sitting on my desk, Googling a short description of the smell, I noticed a couple of white spots on my pajamas… EWWWWWW — that was the source of the smell! And man, my head started to spin when the source of the odor was only inches from my nose.

I dashed outside to look for the true culprit and how it got on my pajamas… That’s when Grace and I saw the REAL mastermind behind this criminally intoxicating smell — a skunk. It slowly crawl from hiding on the other side of the car in the carpool…

The damn skunk must have been frightened and sprayed me when I unexpectedly showed up with Bryan’s car seat. Our neighbor has been leaving tons of cat food around in hopes to catch some stray cats (she’s been on a mission to rescue all cats). But lately animals of all kinds have been lining up for her generosity. This kind of act has to stop when it starts to negatively impact other people. So further actions will be taken on that for hygienic, safety and health reasons…

As for me, I threw away everything that was sprayed on except Bryan’s car seat. I am still looking for effective solutions to deodorize and sanitize it. It may very well be that we have to ditch the car seat and just get another one for the sake of hygienes. Maybe our neighbor should help pay for it…

  • You’ll never get it out! But it’s not unsanitary – it’s just urine mixed with soem smelly stuff… right? LOL

  • Dude… shut up man…

    I am getting rid of that smell!!

  • Birgit


    You could get a replacement fabric cover for the car seat. Way cheaper than a complete new seat. I would check ebay or come such site for a used one.