More Geek Talk

Mike Neely discovered something pretty freaking awesome: It’s called Meebo. It’s basically Adiumx (or Trillian for you Windowz folks, gaim for you Linux dorks) except it’s web based. It supports quite a bit of stuff that you are accustomed to using desktop apps.

Speaking of apps, Neely revealed the other day that he’s doing some cocoa programming! I am so envious of him having the initiative and drive to pick up cocoa/objective-c. This reminds me that I ought to get back into desktop programming!

While I am on the topic of “desktop” programming, I tried upgrading my Fedora Core 5 to the latest Core 6 last night but failed. I guess it’s too new that various issues aren’t widely discussed yet (bless Google). I’ll probably give it another try another time. Strangely though, the audio in FC5 just magically started working all by itself — I spent days downloading and compiling various drivers for it to no avail. And that piece of sh*t just decided to work all of a sudden? WTF?! This is yet another reason Linux is far from being ready for mainstream consumption — lack of usability for everyday-users.