A Christmas Proposal

At around 12AM this morning as Grace and I prepared to watch a DVD, we got a surprise Christmas present from Chee-hoi, one of the last remaining bachelors:

On Dec 25, 2005, at 6:55 PM, Cheehoi Chua wrote:

…I proposed to Fiona and she said yes! She’s moving to bayarea next month!

😯 !!!!!!!!!

HOLY SMOKES! He’s done it. He’s decided to take the plunge tie the knot with Fiona! An equally shocking development was to find out that she was moving to the Bay Area within a month! Woah.

It took me a couple of weeks of agony in going through the “how I know if she’s the one….” stage. I went through some counseling with a few people on that one.

And of course, this blog entry wouldn’t be complete without my reply to this great news…

Congrats! OH MY GOD! HOLY COW!

You sure fricking kept your cool when I was taking you to the airport, JERK!

Grace’s so happy that she can’t even take a shower…

Fiona, Grace is looking forward to your moving here… Chee-hoi, welcome to the married-men’s club (almost). I will show you the secret hand-shake when you tie the knot.


Congrats! 🙂