Plastic Key to the Rescue

AAA Club logo As part of the perk of being a AAA Club member, each household is allowed a free duplicate “emergency” key in case of vehicle lock out. Surely, duplicate of a real key can easily cost upwards $80+. What a deal, we thought. But it turned out that it’s a plastic version of the key that only allows you to open the car door, but it’s not strong enough to be used in the ignition hole. What a disappointment. But hey, it works.

The plastic duplicate is part of cut out of a wallet sized card (AAA calls it CreditCard Key; how imaginative). So it’s very easy to keep in the wallet in case of emergency, which did happen once before. Grace got locked out by mistake when the car washing crew left the key in our car. We bought the car used, so it only came with one set of key and remote; not so coincidentally, both of them were in the car. Dumb ass car washers.

Next up: bid for a spare remote on eBay when a good deal shows up…

Update: Got myself a keyless entry remote. I had to find the programming instruction separately though. The instruction works for both Infiniti Q45 and J30 series made before 1997 I think. Some people on eBay were selling the instruction for $5 a pop. Jerks. On the other hand, car dealers typically charge around $70 for programming a new remote. Jackasses.