Cats Know What’s Going On

Grace and I are convinced cats are definitely much more self-concious than many anti-cat people project them to be. They KNOW what’s going on.

Grace and I are convinced cats are definitely much more self-concious than many anti-cat people project them to be. They KNOW what’s going on.

Our cats are good examples, particularly Baobao.

Babao understands quite a lot of vocabularies from Grace and I. She knows when Grace asks her to get her cat salad every morning; and she understands to meow and sit before I’d let her outside (and she knows it when I become annoyed at her repeated begging at 2AM sometimes). These could be viewed as training through habbits. But we think it’s more than just that.

Both Baobao and Wawa know their names very well. Wawa always turns her head and looks into your eyes when you call on her. Baobao comes to you when you call her name (after a few times). And the funny thing is, sometimes Baobao pretends she doesn’t hear you when she sleeps. But you know it’s a dead give-away when her tail wags as soon as her name is called. If you keep calling, she’d open her eyes, roll and go back to sleep. What a bum.

We think Baobao has a better grasp of human technologies than Wawa. She understands that when it’s cold, cuddling inside blankets keeps her warm — and two layers are better than one. During the winter, if you can’t find Baobao anywhere else in the house, try under the blanket. Baobao is also a fan of, well, fan. Not equipped with a central air, our new apartment gets pretty warm in the summer. Baobao has discovered that, if she sleeps at Grace’s spot on our bed, she gets the maximum coverage to the wind from the fan. Grace even observed Baobao experimenting with walking around different spots of the bed to make sure that her spot was the coolest. What the hell!

Wawa is not quite as alert as Baobao at times, however. But she did demonstrate her loyalty to Grace in an incident.

As mentioned earlier, our house gets a lot of cat visitors. One of the cats usually comes by once a day to check out our cats. But one time she was unpleasantly surprised by Grace’s sudden appearance in the kitchen when the alley cat obviously wanted to be alone with Wawa. Aggregated, she hissed at Grace. Surprisingly, Wawa immediately hissed back at the alley cat to show her loyalty with Grace. The message got through; the alley cat quietly accepted the challenge and she never hissed at Grace again.

Some hard core Christians once told me that only humans have souls. The rest of the animal kingdom is simply accessories to men. Other animals have no souls or feelings. This is what really ticked me off about certain clans of the Christian religion. How can they be so self-righteous and proclaim to be above all else in nature? How can they reject signs of intelligence exhibited by species other than humans? This kind of stupidity is what will put an end to men’s misery when we destroy ourselves with pollution and irreversable destruction of the Earth.