Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech

A very inspirational and uplifting speech about three stories of his life. It’s a 15-minute mind blower.

I had planned on going to this commencement this morning. Then I discovered my camcorder’s CCD chip has gone bad and is unable to record (apparently a wide spread problem); I decided it’s not worth my while to go if I can’t record the God of Computer himself (having to deal with traffic, the sun and the crowd). With a bit of luck, I found out that his speech was going to be broadcasted live through Stanford’s very own KZSU 90.1FM. And of course, the station is listed in iTunes under “Radio –> Public”. Bless iTunes.

So I recorded his speech using RadioRecorder.

Download the clip in:
Best sound quality: AAC (launches iTunes)

If you appreciate the effort I took to have recorded the audio, polished it, converted it into AAC and MP3 formats and actually made them available to the public, please consider a donation to help offset the cost of the bandwidth I know the audio downloads will sure exceed. Thanks.

Here’s an article about the commencement itself if you are interested.

To further help spread the clip, I also created a page dedicated to the speech so that visitors don’t have to go through my blog unnecessarily.


UPDATE: It appears that Stanford has released the video version of the speech on its iTunes music store (for free). You can access it through your iTunes application (if you are still not using iTunes, it’s about time to start using it!). Get the speech in video here.

If you don’t see it initially, dig around. It’s there (Stanford -> Heard on Campus -> Visiting Lecturers and Speeches). Al Gore spoke there once. I wonder where THAT speech is… hmm…

  • Maria

    Dear Sir:
    Thank you for posting the audio files of Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford earlier this month. However, I haven’t had any success in opening the *.tar files with Winzip (evaluation copy). Neither of the AAC nor the MP3 formatted files worked and Winzip responded with the message: “Error reading header after processing 0 entries.”

    I would be very glad if you could enlighten me on how to successfully access the above-mentioned audio files.


  • HY

    Hi Maria,

    There could be two main reasons:
    1). Damaged File
    i). Probably the uploaded file is damaged
    Solution: Can be fixed by the website owner only
    ii). There was an download error and your download is corrupted.
    Solution: Try re-downloading the file

    2). WinZip buggy with TAR files
    Solution: Try untarring with other compression/archiving tools
    i). 7-Zip –
    ii). WinRar –

    Hope this helps.

    – HY.

  • matt


    Been looking around for this exact file, thanks for recording it! I’m just a poor college student, but still would love to contribute and help offset the cost of hosting the file. I’d be happy to mirror it for you, if you’d like. Drop me an email if you’re interested.

    Warmest regards,

  • I just want to give my endorsement to WinRAR. It’s a much better uncompression software than WinZip has been in the past few years.

    Matt, HY was being helpful. I am actually the owner of the site. Thanks for offering to mirror the files though. I am doing ok with the bandwidth and contributions so far.


    Shun Chu

  • Saikrishna

    Hi Shun, Steve is a not only a catalyst but also a life changer. I am amazed by reading the text content of the speech and was feeling that when a text conversion of the speech could change the very outlook of a person’s life then how his voice could change a person’s life pattern. I was searching the net for the holy speech and I found out that you are hosting the same. Right now I am an average income earner from India and I am very much pained as to my inability to contribute for such a wonderful service of yours….yet ….I am thinking of repaying you in the near future for this wonderful work of hosting this great man’s speech. I heartfully thank you right now for this.


  • Steve Jobs

    I know how you can fix it, buy a Mac.

  • Renjith

    Hi Shun, I happened to read this article in a magazine, and my friend sent me the link to this site. This speech has changed my life forever and for good. Reading it was one thing, but listening to it was a whole new experience, and had more impact. It was only possible because of you. Thank you so much for the effort and this great site. Guess i understand the reason why you decided to host this speech, which makes me appreciate your efforts even more…
    With Regards

  • Mac sucks, go get yourself a DELL

  • Fabiano Lopes

    The speech is just above and beyond market competition issues.
    A MUST read/listen to, even if you hate MAC… Jobs’ words are remarkable.



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  • Santosh Kumar Vellala

    WinRAR works in extracting the file.

  • It’s strange how certain things are so simple, yet we just neglect them. Simple rules of life…nothing special….Steve Jobs’ speech proves it.
    I happened to write this post on this speech Steve Jobs gave, just one day before I actually saw him in the Google campus with the Google CEO. It was the most amazing feeling to actually see one of my role models right in front of me 🙂 Have a look…

  • I still would have gone even if i couldnt have recoreded it!!!